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Getting Help

Sex Therapy

Has your sex life left you feeling anxious or frustrated? Are you having trouble reaching orgasm, experiencing painful sex, ejaculating too soon?

Sex therapy will help to address any concerns you may have regarding sexual function, sexual trauma, intimacy issues related to chronic conditions, low desire or arousal and erectile concerns.

Individual Counseling

Therapy can be used as an opportunity for transformation, growth and empowerment. I offer a safe place for you to explore and identify your challenges.
This allows us to work together to develop coping strategies to help you overcome those obstacles.

Couples Counseling

Even the best relationship has its ups and downs. But when the downs outnumber  the ups, that will be a good time to meet with a therapist. Some common concerns couple address are communication, infidelity, trust, respect, and sexual concerns.  Let's identify those roadblocks that are preventing you and your partner from connecting.

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